Technical Consulting

Cut through the technical jargon and avoid the sales spiel.

You know your business inside out. But when it comes to software, hardware, clouds and APIs, you need some extra support.

We all know that you can’t rely on a salesperson, so we provide an independent expert who can help you through digital procurement, ensuring you understand exactly what you’re buying and why it’s the best solution for your business.

We’ll act as an independent technical consultant, beginning by familiarising ourselves with your business, how it works, your existing processes and your customers.

Then we’ll help source providers, vetting them and their products. This stops you wasting hours in meetings watching identikit pitch decks, whilst we interrogate potential vendors with the questions you really need answering.

We’ll report back with a shortlist of providers, with all the technical jargon translated. You’ll also have all the information you need to make an informed decision for your business.

Let’s get started