Social Media Ads

Sorry, but organic social reach for businesses is a myth.

UK adults spend over an hour each day on social media. We’re looking at Instagram Stories, Facebook posts and LinkedIn articles.

The social media company’s business model is simple. They provide a platform that businesses can use to advertise to customers.

The social media businesses have actually changed their algorithms to stop businesses running successful campaigns that don’t involve paying for ads.

Remember Cambridge Analytica and how they used super secret Facebook tools to swing elections? That’s the story they told, but the truth is a little more simple – they used the same tools that anyone with a Facebook ad account has access to.

We’ll use social media advertising to target your message to your ideal customers. Using the profiles we’ll build from your existing customers and the data you already hold we’ll be able to build audiences that share the characteristics of people who are already buying from you. This means we don’t waste money on people with no interest in what you’re selling.

Have you noticed that some brands can follow you around the internet? That’s due to the rule of seven – it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase takes place.

Whatever your goal, social media advertising is one of the best customer acquisition tools we have.

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