Don’t tell the papers, but putting ink on dead trees still works!

There’s nothing more impactful than receiving a printed message at exactly the right time. But there’s also nothing more annoying than receiving junk that’s irrelevant and impersonal.

Producing great printed copy has a higher impact than most digital activity, but this works both ways. An email or Facebook ad that you see at just the right time is great, but at the wrong time is annoying. Printed media received at the wrong time is extra annoying as we can’t just ignore or delete it, we have to dispose of it!

We’ve plenty of experience designing and delivering printed material for every use imaginable. Whether it’s a banner, a brochure, a catalogue or a simple leaflet insert, we work with you to deliver an impactful product that brings prospective customers over the line.

Why do I need printed content?

You might not – it all depends on your customers and your business. We believe you should never meet your customers face to face and leave them empty handed. A brochure, leaflet or portfolio can be looked at when the customer wants to. It also serves as a reminder of your brand and the experience they had in that meeting.

Can we measure how effective our printed ads are?

Yes. And also, no. We can still measure the impact of printed ads in the same way as online ones, but we can’t collect as much data. Digital advertising leaves data everywhere which lets us look at every stage of the buyer journey. We can still measure physical advertising using unique codes or landing pages, but it’s harder to track the whole journey.

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