PR & Blogging

It’s time to speak up. Be the face and voice of your industry and dominate your marketplace.

Don’t you think it’s ironic that whilst the internet causes more business to be done purely online, we’re more interested than ever about the people at the other screen.

And don’t just think about celebrity entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Gymshark’s journey from garage to £1 billion brand was driven by founder Ben Francis’ image and profile as a fellow gym-goer.

Establishing yourself as an authority in your business’s sector takes time and effort, but the rewards stretch beyond personal recognition. Being personally seen as an expert means your business is also seen as experts in the field.

We’ll develop your personal brand and industry presence through provocative thought pieces and timely comments issued to the media. Between us we’ll establish your ‘media voice’ which we can then use to promote your brand in places you never expected to reach.

PR and building a personal profile is an underused technique in most industries and not a strategy most brands have investigated.

And to be honest, this is completely understandable. Our experience of PR agencies is big fees, moonshot ideas and little underlying value. Our method is tried, tested and proven to build brand and personal profile with your target customer. We make your name ever-present, rather than appearing on a one-off project which is tomorrow’s chip paper.

We’ve worked closely with CEOs and the media to establish our clients as the go-to voice of the industry. Building you up as a thought leader gives your business the social proof a prospective customer needs when comparing options and sets you apart from the competition.

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