Umbrella HR: Website

Umbrella HR are changing the way people work, so they needed a website with power and purpose.

Umbrella HR have a range of products and solutions to meet every HR need. As a new business formed in the middle of the Covid pandemic, Umbrella HR were hyper focused on growing their web presence as quickly as possible.

The challenge

  • Create a website for a brand new business
  • Maximise accessibility
  • Deliver e-commerce sales and lead generation

We also needed to integrate an email marketing platform connected to both the new website and Umbrella HR’s instance.

Our project

Screenshot of the Umbrella HR website

Being a new business, we were able to develop Umbrella HR’s initial branding into a full digital identity. We’ve replicated the design across the site and Umbrella HR can also use it on social media and on other formats.

Umbrella HR are at an early stage of their journey and need a website that can pivot towards new business opportunities as agilely as they do.

Our solution was a completely custom theme built on top of the WordPress platform. This gave us the freedom to create some unique elements in the design as well as giving us a great foundation to add new functionality at a later date.

We’ve also built in integrations with Umbrella HR’s CRM and Mailchimp. This means all enquiries are automatically added to both systems.

The result

Umbrella HR’s new site is intuitive and easy to use for both prospective clients and the Umbrella HR team.

The site has been built to a future stage of Umbrella HR’s product roadmap, so we’ve already built a number of functions that can be turned on when the team are ready.

DumDum Digital are now supporting Umbrella HR’s online marketing strategy, helping them change the way people work.

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