enei: Personal Branding

We’ve worked for a number of years to establish enei’s former chief executive Denise Keating as a leading media authority on diversity, inclusion and HR issues.

Denise worked in HR at the highest levels for Marks & Spencer, Nationwide, Craegmoor Healthcare and Volkswagen Group before launching enei in 2011.

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) is the leading employer network promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They deliver membership, consultancy and events both in the UK and globally.

After a bad experience with a leading London PR agency, we took the opportunity to take Denise’s personal brand back to basics and develop enei’s message around Denise as its leader.

We focused our attention on the HR trade press for two reasons. Firstly, it was daily reading for enei’s target customer. Secondly, we had to be certain our message, especially around diversity, was going to be presented in context – no guarantee when dealing with the mainstream press.

Our strategy was to push Denise forward as a commentator. We distributed comments on relevant news stories on a weekly basis. This raised Denise’s profile with journalists in our target sector and encouraged inbound comment requests.

As a result of our work we were regularly contacted by journalists for Denise’s thoughts. Denise was also invited to write longer form articles and content across all HR publications.